It's 2021!  Are you ready to RELEASE what doesn't serve you and REALIZE your highest potential?  It's not about being a  new you in this new year.  It's about discovering what is already at the core of your being, rooting down into it, and bringing it to the light.  So, get ready to party...and by party I mean snuggle up in your favorite pajamas in your softest, most comfortable place in your house for relaxation and settle in for a month of Yoga Nidra and Meditation practices.


Your purchase gives you access to the entire online album until mid-February (listen and practice as many times as you'd like!) and the opportunity to then purchase the album for download for a special discounted price.  


Upon purchase, you'll receive an email with an access code to the album, which you'll find at

Album Tracks Include:

Release Party Introduction, 5:00

Finger Flick for Releasing Negativity, 6:00

Yoga Nidra for Balance and Inner Strength, 31:00

Yoga Nidra with Visualization, 30:00

Meditation for Grounding, 14:00

Yoga Nidra with Moon Awareness, 30:00

Yoga Nidra for Inner Light, 20:00


*Bonus Meditation and Sankalpa Printables

January Release Party